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Beginner-friendly programming game course

Learn Godot's GDScript From Zero is an open-source and free-of-charge educational game granting easy and interactive programming courses to take specifically designed for beginners. This lightweight suite formulated together by GDQuest and Xananax is an ideal companion that you can utilize to head start your game development journey.  

The Learn Godot's GDScript From Zero program consists of a wide range of unique lessons that will teach you essential skills and train you to think like a programmer. If you're satisfied with its free version and crave deeper programming knowledge, there's a full-featured paid course available for you as well.

Practice Godot programming interactively

Godot is a cost-free full-featured 2D and 3D game engine, which is co-authored by Juan Linietsky, Ariel Manzur, and a few more contributors. For experienced programmers that already gained expertise in game development, learning this utility will be a piece of cake. However, for beginners or those users who mastered other programming languages, it can be a hassle and time-consuming task to grasp especially if solely relying on tutorials. 

That’s why the interactive game Learn Godot's GDScript From Zero is an experience that programmers encountering the mentioned situations should not miss. It provides you with more than a hundred programming techniques, which are neatly streamlined into 10 easy-to-learn chapters. Moreover, it presents you with dozens of tiny projects wherein you can closely observe the creation process of real-life toy programs along with mechanics formulation. 

This teaching and training tool demonstrates guides that are both illustrated in written and video form. You can utilize these engaging tutorials to learn and practice the basics of your programming. Cheat sheets can optionally be accessed to review newly added techniques. To hone your skills like a pro, tons of assignments will challenge what you have learned so far and the difficulty level increases as you go further.

Educational game app for programmers 

The challenging and interactive lessons that Learn Godot's GDScript From Zero freely offers for aspiring programmers are a catch. It is a revolution to the usual text or video programming tutorials as it is capable of going beyond that—providing small projects, cheat sheets, assignments, and so forth in order to effectively train you to think and perform like a professional game developer.


  • Interactive written and video form lessons
  • Dozens of projects to observe
  • Cheat sheets available for new techniques


  • Text guides are cut off in full screen mode

Program available in other languages

Learn Godot's GDScript From Zero for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 14
  • 4.8

  • Security Status

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